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We are not born with an instruction manual that tells us how to be happy.  Often, we have no idea how we became anxious or depressed.


At Light Docent, we believe that the thoughts we think and our belief systems are an integral part of why we become unhappy. We believe that better thinking leads to better feeling and even better living.  We challenge you to consider different perspectives and find new ways of thinking that fall in line with the goals you are hoping to achieve and the experiences that you want to have.


This is not a “one size fits all” approach. While there certainly are “rules” for better thinking, we do not teach you what to think.  We help you find ways to think more effectively.  Light Docent provides the support and practice for you to get you to greater peace and joy.

Private, confidential sessions

Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals.  Each week you will meet with your Light Docent Coach in person or on the phone for a one hour session. 


In the first session you establish your coaching goals and create a schedule of benchmarks that you plan on meeting along the way.  Expect “homework” that can include writing assignments, “thinking” assignments and activities such as meditation and exercise goals.  The approach is holistic, integrating healing of the body and spirit as part of the journey.


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