Intuitive Energy Work

Individual Intuitive Energy Sessions.

We are not born with an instruction manual that tells us how to be happy.  Often, we have no idea how we became anxious or depressed. At Light Docent, we believe that the thoughts we think and our belief systems are an integral part of why we become unhappy. We'll work with you individually to provide you tools to work through your anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.


Most of us think that if we do the "right things" or achieve our goals we will be happy.  We are shocked that even when we do everything "right" we are still left full of anxiety or depressed. At Light Docent, we teach the very specific "rules" that govern happiness.  Our classes are designed to help you learn the rules and practice them with others.

Women's Group

The women’s group is a safe space for like-minded women seeking to live a more spiritually centered, effective and powerful life.  The group is a set of weekly sessions.  Each session begins with a small lecture that leads to a group discussion.

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