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The way you think and the things you think about decide how you feel.  It is that simple and that difficult.  Most of us think that if we do the "right things" or achieve our goals we will be happy. 


We are taught from a very young age that certain behavior is "good" and other behavior is "bad." We are shocked that even when we do everything "right" we are still left full of anxiety or depressed.  Yet, real peace and happiness are achievable, no matter what your situation. 


At Light Docent, we teach the very specific "rules" that govern happiness.  We also offer tools that help you put these rules into action.  Our classes are designed to help you learn the rules and practice them with others.

3-Steps to Wellness

Classes are 90-minute in-person meetings, generally on a weeknight.  Each class runs in three parts focused on the journey from anxiety to peace.  Each session includes a lecture, individual work, group work and reflection.




Session one is designed to help you understand the basic approach to healing anxiety by gaining a new perspective of who you are and how you can heal. 


Session two will help you gain a better understanding of why your life looks like it does and how you can start to make it better. 


Session three helps you learn how to become more centered, grounded and powerful in your personal relationships.

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