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Happiness and joy are natural

Happiness and joy are natural.  Struggle and challenges are to be expected.  Yet, sometimes we get stuck and life becomes a constant battle against anxiety, depression and fear.  Is there a way to overcome our fears in order to make life more peaceful, to even out the bumps and find greater joy?

The purpose of Light Docent is to help you find your way to peace.  There are simple "rules of life" and tools that you can implement right away to help you feel better, overcome your hurdles and live your best life.


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Start your journey to peace

Light Docent provides strategies to help move forward with confidence and ease. 


There are several formats for you to find the help you need:


Individual coaching, in person or on the phone, tailored to help you overcome your specific challenges. 


Classes containing lectures and tactics that help you live more joyfully and peacefully.

Women's groups, creating a safe space to focus on gender-specific issues.


Meditation instruction and techniques to create a calm foundation in your life


Reiki sessions using ancient energy practices to reduce anxiety.  


I’ve had the honor of having Kim as my life coach for the past year and a half. All I can say is that everything she has taught me has made an absolute difference on my journey.


Every session, every homework assignment and every awakening is worth it.  The lessons, laughter and love she gives in each conversation helps to guide you into a better you.


I am thankful that the universe placed her on my path!

- Jessica

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